My Story is Hope

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My story is Hope shares the lives of individuals we have lost to suicide who left a hole in our hearts and empty space somewhere. Survivors of suicide loss and suicide attempt survivors find a purpose to our pain and courageously share details of our experience with suicide. We’ve had to relive the most painful, shameful, confusing and darkest days of our life in hopes of creating awareness to bring those suffering out of hiding, into healing and purpose. As we bring together a community of love and support for awareness and suicide prevention, if our story can save one life, it can potentially change the future of a whole generation.

Sharing these stories is not an easy thing to do. These stories come with an unimaginable amount of pain from a wound that seems to never heal. Our stories and the memory of our loved one have been silenced by fear and stigma, but today we create a change so people in our lives can feel safe when reaching out for help. Not every person we lost to suicide had a behavior problem, many were individuals suffering in families and suffering communities. We believe every behavior is a sign, and we hope after sharing our stories we can make sense of our own behaviors, behaviors of our loved ones, and behaviors of people around us.

When you unravel a suicide loss story, suicide makes sense. When we learn and make sense of signs and behaviors before suicide, this makes suicide prevention possible. First, we must do the work of sweeping suicide loss stories from under the rug and break the chains of silence in memory of the souls we lost to suicide. We hope everyone who hears our stories see individuals with mental illness and those touched by suicide through a lens of compassion, kindness, and empathy to promote healthy, happy and resilient communities. “When your heart is so broken you don’t know what to do, you help someone else. My story is Hope” Coming from a heartbroken suicide loss survivor.


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Saturday, February 22nd. 2020.

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